EUR/USD Technical Analysis , 17th of April 2013 by

EUR/USD Technical Analysis , 17th of April 2013 by

The Euro USD prices rallied up to $1.32 after investors sold the safe-haven currencies; U.S. dollar and the Japanese yen and bought gold and U S. equities , on improved global risk appetite.

The strong earnings from Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola and Johnson and Johnson, also weaker than expected C P I have supported the euro versus the dollar.

Concerning the technical analysis,

We notice on the daily chart that the Euro USD prices have closed at the Moving Average 100, to support the downward correction step.

And as long as the prices remain trading below the 1.32 level, we expect a strong bearish wave of the prices, and it will decrease to reach the 1.3140 and 1.3125 levels.
For the rest of the technical analysis and to k now the next target of this pair and other pairs.

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Concerning the technical analysis,
As we can see on the daily chart,

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