Dollar Zone: Fed continues…

Dollar Zone: Fed continues…

The euro edged high against the U.S. dollar after the current Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke, announces to keep monetary policy for the economic recovery.

Yesterday, at the National Economists Club, Washington, Ben Bernanke held a firm speech initiated by the Fed monetary policy.

In his speech that echoed dovish comments by his nominated successor, Janet Yellen, Bernanke said that while the economy had made significant progress, it was still far from where officials wanted it to be.

According to the chairman of the U.S. central bank, the Fed will continue buying $ 85 billion of assets in order to maintain low interest rates and lock inflation below 2%.

According to him, the rates will remain close to zero even if the unemployment rate falls below the threshold of 6.5%, recall that the Fed's recent publications on the unemployment rate in the United State, indicate 7.3% in October.

Ben Bernanke's remarks yesterday have accentuated the poor dollar performance. But beware, today's results in U.S. indicators sales details and inflation data could surely give strength to a weak dollar.

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