Dollar Zone: Yellen “Chairwoman”.

Dollar Zone: Yellen “Chairwoman”.


As we mentioned before, Yellen, who was appointed by President Barack Obama as the future chairman of the U.S. central bank, pleaded yesterday for the continuation of accommodative Fed policy.

Janet Yellen confirmed continuing the massive purchase of assets and buy monthly captioned bonds for an amount of $ 85 billion to keep long rates low and encourage investment and household consumption.

According to Ms. Yellen, it is important to support the US economy because “the recovery is weak." Like her predecessor, Ben Bernanke, she insisted on the objective of achieving and maintaining inflation adjacent to both 2%, indicating a good recovery and it will lead to stop the asset purchase in a year.

More interested in the subject of employment than price stability, Janet Yellen believes that the unemployment rate of last Friday remained high " 7.3 % of the U.S. population ... 36 % have been unemployed for more than 6 months "and believes that it is important to " promote a strong recovery " to reduce the unemployment rate.

Janet Yellen also said in her speech that one of the priorities of the Fed is to provide public assistance to giant banks bankrupt and give more strength to the market.

The intervention of Janet Yellen before the Senate committee was highly appreciated in the markets, the Dow Jones and S& Poor’s posted new records.
Janet Yellen has convinced and her program promises a strong growth of the American economy. We do not expect surprises for the appointment of Yellen at the head of the

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