New Stock: Twitter

New Stock: Twitter

On Thursday, November 7, 2013, the social network Twitter has managed its IPO after seven years of existence. With 232 million active users worldwide, Twitter has noticeably revolutionized the means of communication with instant messaging (tweets).

Twitter’s title was launched around 26 dollars before rising up to $ 50 during the day to close on a 73% increase (at $ 44.94). According to the statements of its founder, it will not be profitable until 2015. 

Twitter beats Facebook for mobile revenues,
according to a research,  Twitter projected revenues of $130m in mobile advertising revenues, by contrast Facebook expects to make just $73m on mobile.

The bluebird has started with 70 million shares against 500 million shares of Facebook; the network has chosen to start with a low range to obtain better profits.  On the other hand, unlike Facebook, Twitter has chosen the New York Stock Exchange and not Nasdaq to avoid technical problems.

Although a successful IPO, Twitter will have to show profitability. It should show a growth similar to Facebook amid the users complaints concerning the 'sponsored tweets' too intrusive.

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