The Euro rise higher.

The Euro rise higher.

The euro continues the momentum of Friday and outperforms the dollar. As expected, the euro crossed the 1.3500 level and is back on the yen crossing 137 yen threshold.

Last week we have witnessed a strong activity both in the currency market and in the international economic policy. Different presidents and influential members of central banks have unleashed the currency world, particularly the euro.

After Mario Draghi speech of Thursday, November 21, in which the president of the European Central Bank has denied the possible lower interest rate under zero, the ZEW and PMI indicators of the first European economic power have shown on Friday, Nov. 22, that Germany displays a renewed economic strength. These data led investors to keep faith and continue buying euros.

For its part, the dollar remains under pressure from the Fed decisions that will be taken shortly (in 17-18 December) on the monetary policy of the Fed monthly injection of $ 85 billion bonds. Investors await the Federal Reserve decision and speculate on the positive indicators signs (sign of good economic health of the country and therefore questioned the ultra accommodative policy of the U.S. central bank

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