Encouraging us data: Fed tapering coming soon …

Encouraging us data: Fed tapering coming soon …

Today : Friday December 6th 2013, The government's November employment report showed Nonfarm payroll growth of 203,000 jobs and an unemployment rate that dropped to 7 percent.
Analysts expected that 180,000 jobs were created last month, with unemployment marginally lower at 7.2 percent.
Investors are asking whether the jobs data will push the Federal Reserve to decide later this month to start scaling back its $85 billion monthly quantitative easing bond purchases.
Another Data also on Thursday showed the economy grew faster-than-expected in the third quarter (GDP rose to 3.6%). 

The Fed has made its stimulus efforts to consistent improvement in the job market. Chairman Ben Bernanke has said  before that the Fed will ease its monthly purchases of $85 billion in bonds once jobs creation  has improved consistently.

The recent  US economic improvement has been surprising many  economists expected the government shutdown in October to hamper the  growth. Yet the economy improved along without much interruption, according to several government and industry reports.

So we can see that the recent published data is very important as it will help form a lot of market opinions ahead of the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) in just less than two weeks.

We believe like some analysts that the Fed tapering is coming soon, and what do you think about it??  are you waiting for Fed's taper to start?

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