IMF will raise the Global economic growth: U.S economy improving

IMF will raise the Global economic growth: U.S economy improving

 Christine Lagarde,  IMF managing director has claimed yesterday Jan 8th 2014  that the IMF will rise the global economic growth forecasts on  optimism on global economic recovery

The U.S economy has been estimated to grow faster in 2014 especially after the Fed decision to reduce its monetary stimulus program and the shrinking U.S Trade deficit balance. However there emerging countries  are still suffering from credit crisis.

But some confidence has returned to the markets after the Fed started to reduce the quantitative easing program on December meeting 2013. Furthermore, John Williams Federal reserve bank of San Francisco claimed on Tuesday Jan 7th 2014  that the Fed is likely  to end the bonds buying program this year.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, who is serving his final month as U.S. central bank chief before Vice Chair Janet Yellen takes the reins on Feb. 1, said the program would likely wind down in late 2014.

The year 2014 will determine if the largest global economy will continue to show signs of recovery or will go back to additional stimulus measures

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