Ukraine Crisis and Market reaction

Ukraine Crisis and Market reaction 


 The Ukrainian crisis was like an earthquake or volcano shook the global financial markets, but soon subsided on today afternoon.

In fact, the global Markets were tumbling on rising Ukrainian tensions, especially Moscow’s stock exchange market plunged as much as 10%.

Also, U.S. stocks declined sharply on Monday, sliding along with other global equities, as worries about Russian intervention in the Ukraine has investors fleeing assets perceived as risky. Furthermore, many world investors have lost  billion of dollars  yesterday as global stocks tumbled the most in a month and the Russian ruble dropped to lowest level  amid Russia’s growing military presence in Ukraine.

On the other hand, Commodities were also volatile, with Brent Crude oil rising 2% and a combination of the crisis in Ukraine and cold weather have pushed wheat costs up almost 5%.

However the Russian president “Vladimir Putin” recent comments fortunately calmed the market and investors fears. He claimed on Tuesday that there is no need for Russia to use motility force in Ukraine.
Gold fell from the highest price in more than four months after Russian President Vladimir Putin said there’s no immediate need to send troops to Ukraine, lessening demand for a haven.

Also European stocks rebounded with investors worries calmed down after Russia scaled back troop exercises near Ukraine that had sent markets sliding in the previous session on fear it could provoke into war.

U.S. stocks jumped on Tuesday, with the Dow and S&P 500 bouncing back after their worst hit in a month. Also European stocks extended gains. on positive comments  from Russian President which renewed  hopes to put and end to the Ukrainian issue.

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