What is the next monetary policy of the ECB ?

What is the next monetary policy of the ECB ?

Dec 03 2014

The European Central Bank will hold its policy meting and press conference on Thursday, in order to determine the monetary policy for the last month of this year. This will be in line with the entry of Lithuania in the euro zone.

It’s expected that the ECB will start the monthly bonds buying program in 2015.  And this program was adopted in the monetary policy of the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan known as quantitative easing (QE).

The ECB is expected to leave monetary policy unchanged on Thursday and the interest rates at a low level about 0.05%. Whereas, to succeed in boosting the economic growth, the euro zone  inflation rate have to reach  the target  of 2.0%.

The ECB decisions will have great impacts on the direction of the euro dollar prices. 

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