U.S Nonfarm Payrolls report for Mar 06 2015

U.S Nonfarm Payrolls report for Mar 06 2015
Mar 05 2015

The Friday NFP Employment change release will be the major focus of U.S markets for this week. And the labor market is expected to add 241 k jobs, down form the previous reading of 257 K. while the unemployment is expected to decline slightly from 5.7 % to 5.6%.

A positive reading (strong NFP with a decline of unemployment rate) will confirm the speculations that the Fed will hike its interest rates soon, and it will represent good opportunities to buy the Dollar, while a negative reading (lower NFP reading with an increase of unemployment rate) will indicate that the Fed will postpone the timing for the first rate hike. And will push the dollar down against the Euro and other major currencies.

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