European meeting and Greece debt talks

European meeting and Greece debt talks 

June 22, 2015  

All investors and markets keep a close eye on Greece debt issue as Euro zone finance ministers and officials are going to meet today in order to discuss a possible deal to prevent the country from defaulting on its debts, amid increasing worries about the exit of Greece from euro area.

In fact, any signs of improvement in Greece debt talks and if Greece will reach a deal with its creditors, it will push the European markets to recover and the Euro to extend its gains.  While, any disappointing news can affect the European markets as there are concerns that Greece, after securing emergency funding from the European Central Bank, would delay the payment of its debts. And there are a fear that if a deal is not reached on Monday, deposit withdrawals from Greek banks could speed up. 

Accordingly, the uncertainties over Greece issue is expected to boost the U.S. markets particularly the bond market as investors will seek safe-haven assets.

On the other hand, the investors are waiting for the release of important data from U.S economy including: existing home sales on Monday, new home sales on Tuesday and the gross domestic product index for the first quarter on Wednesday.

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