Euro -Dollar

Euro -Dollar

Last Thursday, the meeting of Janet Yellen with the Finance Committee of the Senate was met with great success in the financial markets but not so much with the American currency. On Friday 15, the EURUSD was valued at 1.3493 and on Tuesday, the pair was worth 1.3528 around 14:00 GMT.
The dollar fell today against the yen to 98.45 compared to Friday at 100.12 yen.

A depreciation of the U.S. currency was caused by the announcement of Janet Yellen to continue the Fed monetary policy. Investors have turned their back to the US dollars to prefer currencies with higher interest rates.

The European single currency control the Forex market, the EUR/GBP is at 0.8388, and the EUR/JPY stabilizes at 134.85. Investors seem to be confident in the Euro despite the announcement of the ECB to lower its interest rates.

The most traded currency seems to stabilize until the Fed meeting on Wednesday and retails sales indicators which can give a little pep to a feverish dollar.

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