Yen Zone: Japanese stock down

Yen Zone: Japanese stock down.

Tokyo Stock Exchange closed down 0.25% this Tuesday November 19th  and the Nikkei 225 index fell by 37.74 points to 15126.56 points.

Following strong increases in the previous week, investors are waiting to see the new structural reforms introduced by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who promised further deregulation to boost the growth of Japanese companies. But most investors are unnerved and want to know the details of these changes.

The yen benefiting from Monday rebound continues to rise and the dollar is still under the 100 yens. The yen strength penalize exporters and on the eve of the motor show in Tokyo opening, Toyota was down 0.79% to 6300 yen, Nissan slowed down 0.11% to 926 yen and Honda 1.09% 4095 yen.

If the US retail sales report tomorrow is better than expected, it will support the USD against the yen.

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